Marcia Schuyler

by Grace Livingston Hill
304 pages, Romance
Reviewed by White Rose

Good, though slow at some points; romantic read. Filled with virtue and faith in God.


Seventeen-year-old Marcia Schuyler's sister Kate is set to marry the kind and handsome David, but, on the morning of the wedding, everyone finds Kate has run off with another man. David is mortified, Marcia can't understand why her sister would leave such a wonderful man, and her father is furious. In order to save face, Mr. Schuyler offers Marcia's hand to David. David accepts, and Marcia, feeling she must do this so she can help David in his grief, agrees.

Will David ever learn to love Marcia? Will Marcia be satisfied in a loveless marriage, and give up her girlhood? Will they both be able to overcome the grief and heartache as they depend on God to lead them?


Morality is high in this book. Immoral behavior is shown as wrong, and Godly behavior is shown as right.

There are two characters who partake of immoral behavior, though nothing explicit is mentioned, and, though these two characters do not fully repent or turn from their actions, they do come to ruin.

Spiritual Content

Faith in God is in the forefront of this story, and in obeying his precepts.

People go to church regularly, and Marcia and David often pray and sing hymns.


David challenges one of the characters to a duel of sorts if he does not leave town, but the duel does not happen.

Drug and Alcohol Content

There is is no drug content, and I do not recall any alcohol content.

Sexual Content

Kissing is mentioned, and, when the affairs are talked of, there is mentioning of petting. There is nothing beyond this stated.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

There is no crude or profane language, as far as I can recall. Behavior is limited to the mentioning of some affairs, but nothing explicit is said.


This was a wonderful book. You really feel sorry for the young Marcia, being married at a young age to a man she barely knows all because of her sister's vanity. The romance does not come on too strong, and it stresses purity and faithfulness in marriage. It is a good choice for anyone looking for a good romantic read. But I will warn that the story can be a bit slow in some places.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 13+

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