True Friends

by Robin Jones Gunn
Series: Christy Miller #7
155 pages, Romance
Reviewed by White Rose

Very funny, and very good.


Christy is feeling a bit guilty for neglecting her friendship with Katie during her brief time dating Rick, so she tells Katie to name whatever she wants to do, and they'll do it. Christy can't believe her ears when she hears herself agreeing to Katie's idea to join the ski club, and to go on their trip skiing at Lake Tahoe over Thanksgiving break. Things start off a little rocky when Katie suddenly seems to be trying to be "little Miss Cool", but they seem to settle down.

However, when the popular girls start including Christy in their group, but not Katie, things heat up again. Especially when Katie is said to have falsely accused the other girls of breaking some of the rules, and Christy won't take anyone's side. Who are Christy's true friends? Will she learn to appreciate the peculiar treasures in her life? And who sent her the package that is now waiting for her at the post office?


Very good. Some of the kids lie to authority, but are caught and dealt with.

Spiritual Content

A lot of praying, scripture quoting, etc.



Drug and Alcohol Content

Christy and Katie discover what they believe is a bottle of Vodka disguised as a bottle of mouthwash when Christy uses some, believing it to be mouthwash, to gargle.

Sexual Content

There is mention of some of the girls and guys on the previous year's ski trip sneaking out together with certain intentions.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



Another brilliant, humorous, realistic look at growing up and its struggles. Problems with friends aren't unusual, especially when they feel betrayed. This story shows the importance of holding fast to the true friends God brings into our lives.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 13+

Review Rating:

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