Prairie Rose

by Catherine Palmer
Series: A Town Called Hope #1
260 pages, Romance
Reviewed by Komonio

A beautiful romantic story, with the smallest bit of action set in the lonely prarie


19-year-old Rosenbloom Coton Mills was abandoned as a baby at an orphanage. She dreams of having a home and a family to call her own. After saving the life of widower Seth Hunter, a total stranger, she convinces him to take her to the prairie in Kansas with him to be his worker and to help take care of his little boy.

However, Seth can't stand Rosie's talkative nature and outgoing personality! His brother-in-law is trying to kill him, he's grieving the death of his wife, and his own son hates him. It'll take time, and a little bit of faith in Rosie's God for Seth to get past his grief and accept that God wants to be his father, even when he can't forgive his own.


Rosie is a hard worker who never backs down from a challenge. She's willing to work hard for the things she wants, and often reaps the rewards. Even though she's an orphan who as nothing, she never keeps anything for herself. She's constantly giving to others. Chipper hates his father. Seth doesn't want to love his son the way he knows he should because his own father abused him as a boy. He doesn't know how to love his son as a father.

Life on the prairie is hard. Seth's neighbors all look out for each other and help each other out in whatever situation.

Spiritual Content

Rosie prays frequently. Sometimes people wonder if she's insane because they see her murmuring to herself while she's praying. She talks about her faith a lot with other people.

A man misquotes scripture when he finds out that Rosie is a foundling. He says "Ain't you read what the Good Book says? The book of Deuteronomy; "A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord..." Rosie later learns that that's not right, and that God still loves her.


Seth and Jack fight over Chipper. Three men are shot in a fight, though none of them die. Rosie is nearly held hostage more than once, and she's openly threatened by Jack.

Seth remembers how his father would beat him and his siblings. He tries hard not to be a father like him.

Drug and Alcohol Content

There's a little bit of drinking at a barn dance.

Sexual Content

Rosie dreams about getting married. Seth dreams about kissing her and holding her in his arms. There's an auction to share a lunch with different women to raise money for a church, and men compete over Rosie.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

One use of "b******" in its correct form.


I usually find prairie books very boring, but this one was very good. It's a beautiful love story about a girl who has nothing finding love in a strange frightful land. It has a lot of good lessons for tweens to adults and is a good book about love.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: adult

Review Rating:

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