The Weight of Glory

by C.S. Lewis
208 pages, Religion
Reviewed by Jenny

An excellent collection of Lewis’ Christian addresses during the war.


The Weight of Glory (published in England originally under the title “Transposition and Other Addresses”) is a collection of five addresses given by Lewis during World War II: The Weight of Glory, Transposition, Membership, Learning in War-Time, and The Inner Ring. Each touches respectively upon the issues of the Christian’s holy desire to achieve glory, the reason for the seemingly mundane nature of the Lord’s Supper, the unity of the Church, the necessity of learning no matter the situation of the world-scene, and the danger of wanting to be on the “inside” of a group. In unassuming, earthly manners, Lewis once again addresses the things of heaven.


Lewis maintains a firm hold on biblical morality throughout all his addresses.

Spiritual Content

These addresses being very heaven-centered, particularly The Weight of Glory and Transposition, spiritual content is unavoidable. By way of example, Lewis will occasionally make mention of Greek deities, though he affords to them no worship whatsoever, and no reality outside of ancient poetic verse.


In Learning in War-Time, war and the imminence of death is reflected on, though not graphically.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Drink is mentioned once in the context of foolish, worldly desires.

Sexual Content

While using the example of sex once or twice to make a non-graphic point, Lewis maintains a respect for proper love and devotion, and a disdain for obscenity.

Crude or Profane Language or Content



This small collection of Lewis’ war-time addresses remains potent even in our era. While being systematic, his logic easy to follow, he infuses his addresses with the fervency of his love for God and his desire for the Church to follow God in complete obedience. Uplifting, and at the same time sobering, this is a collection of Lewis’ works that I would readily recommend to anyone.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 13+

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