Hollywood Holdup

by Jerry B. Jenkins
Series: Red Rock Mysteries #12
248 pages, Mystery
Reviewed by Ariel_of_Narnia

A curious mystery complete with its amusing moments.


Note: Co-written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry.

Bryce and Ashley volunteer to pet-sit while family friends leave town. Between caring for expensive animals, keeping an eye on the school bully, and wanting to figure out who’s been robbing restaurants of cash using a movie clip, mask, and a classic car, they’re bound to have an interesting week. What could possibly go wrong?


Bryce and Ashley immediately volunteer to take care of the animals and are even willing to do it free. They constantly worry that something will go wrong on their watch and when things start happening, they’re willing to own up to their mistakes if necessary. However, they do refrain from telling the owner (via the phone) that her parrot has gone missing.

The bully wants to know who turned him into juvenile detention (from book #3, Missing Pieces). Bryce considers saying that his now-dead friend Jeff (from book #5, Grave Shadows) had done it, but just as quickly dismisses the thought. Both he and Ashley are willing to tell the bully that they had done it (they are interrupted both times). The twins find out some information about their disliked principal that makes them understand his hatred of their ATVs.
The person behind the holdups is obviously a criminal.

Spiritual Content

Bryce, Ashley, and their mom are Christians. They hope and pray for the salvation of their stepdad, stepsister, and little brother.

Halloween is seen merely as a time to dress up, be creepy, decorate accordingly, and get tons of candy. There is no spirituality behind it. (Note: This is not necessarily a good way to look at Halloween.)


The holdups are done at gunpoint but no one is hurt. One girl faints when the masked thief appears at her job. Bryce and Ashley are also held at gunpoint.

Ashley dislikes the idea of feeding mice to a snake. She looks away as the process is done. Bryce teases her by saying things such as “maybe we should say grace?” and giving a play-by-play (during which, Ashley runs out). During the next feeding, Bryce throws a towel over the cage to spare her.
The bully’s Halloween get-up includes a little painted-on “blood”.
A boy jumps out of a speeding car’s way.

Drug and Alcohol Content

One character smokes.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



Despite the gravity of the holdups and taking care of pets, there are opportunities for some lighthearted moments. Bryce and Ashley are responsible, careful of what belongs to others, and a good team. It’s a good and easy read with characters who are easy to empathize with.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 11-12

Review Rating:

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