Hidden Riches

by Jerry B. Jenkins
Series: Red Rock Mysteries #13
249 pages, Mystery
Reviewed by Ariel_of_Narnia

A good story about one way to be a good friend.


Note: Co-authored with Chris Fabry.

"Boo" Heckler, the school bully, is charged with a crime, but the only people who fully believe his innocence are Bryce and Ashley Timberline. The twins have their hands full with gathering evidence proving Boo's innocence and tracking down the owner of $37,400 found in a painting.


Bryce and Ashley don't have a deep or even normal friendship with Boo, but they are examples of what being a true friend means. Even though Bryce wasn't keen on the idea, Ashley convinces him to look for the money's owner before deciding to keep it.

Spiritual Content

Bryce, Ashley, and their mom are Christians. Little brother Dylan asks a question about Jesus coming into one's heart. The twins have non-Christian friends and so live by example, but they are willing to talk when the opportunity comes. Ashley posts a prayer request on her church's website for Boo, including a prayer that he will turn to God. Ashley's youth group friend is rather over-zealous about evangelism, expecting Ashley's birthday party to be an outreach-type of event and she accuses Ashley of being ashamed of the Gospel when she really isn't; she gives Ashley's school friends tracts. A girl asks if Bryce and Ashley are "working Christian voodoo" on someone.


The twins are chased by two people on ATVs. One ATV crashes in a ravine. A couple cars collide (no injuries). Bryce is tackled to the ground and his cell phone is smashed. Bryce hears (over the phone) other kids in juvenile detention fight Boo.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

It's not sexual, but Ashley reads on a juvenile detention center's website that kids with visitors are strip-searched. Ashley has a crush on one of Bryce's friends; another girl has one on Bryce; both are teased by their friends.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

When his ATV slides backward on a steep hill, Bryce says an unknown bad word. The twins hear other people swear words not known to us.


Bryce and Ashley are dedicated to the cause of justice and they throw themselves into proving Boo's innocence even if everyone else says otherwise.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 11-12

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