Cinderellis and the Glass Hill

by Gail Carson Levine
Series: The Princess Tales #4
112 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by White Rose

Wonderful story! Highly recommend it!


Ellis, nicknamed Cinderellis, lives on a farm, in the kingdom of Biddle, with his older brothers Ralph and Burt. Ralph and Burt care for nothing but farming, but Cinderellis loves to invent things. He has invented such useful things as growing powder, shrinking powder, fluffy powder, sticky powder, flying powder...powders are his specialty.

His brothers are never impressed by his inventions, and they never treat him like a friend, like they do with each other.

When the king builds a glass hill, and decrees that whoever can ride to the top, and get three golden apples from the princess, will marry her, Ellis decides this is his chance to finally impress Ralph and Burt. Not that he cares about marrying the princess, but to win and have the apples to prove it! His brothers will have to take notice! Or will they? And what of these three strange horses Ellis finds?


The morality in this story is very good and clean. Good behavior is commended, and the "bad" characters are dealt with.

Spiritual Content

None at all.


The princess is afraid that a knight wants to hurt her cat, but it's all a misunderstanding. And she is worried that some knights might be mean to their horses, but nothing comes of this.

Drug and Alcohol Content

None that I recall.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



This is another wonderful telling, by Ms. Levine, of a seeming mix of a few old fairy tales. From the cleverness of Ellis's powders, to comradeship of Ellis and the three horses he finds, this book will have any reader (fairy tale fan or otherwise) laughing and smiling along.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 11-12

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