Martin Luther

by Dan Harmon
Series: Heroes of the Faith #
208 pages, Biography/History
Reviewed by the_narniac

Great book! Get ready to be inspired when you read what Luther went through.


Martin Luther lived in the 1500s. At that time, the Roman Catholic Church was filled with corrupt officials who were greatly misleading the people. Martin Luther saw this and immediately set out to correct it. He was tried for heresy and not condemned, chased and not caught, ridiculed yet never lost hope, and he felt as if the devil himself was wrapped around him at times. Nevertheless, Luther kept his trust and faith in God and came through victorious.


Good is rewarded, and bad is punished. Martin Luther stays calm throughout his hard times and doesn't let the devil control his attitude. Corrupt papist officials lie and deceive many for their own benefit.

Spiritual Content

Luther becomes a monk and performs masses and special prayers. Luther screams at the devil several times. Luther also prays to God frequently.


Swords. Heresy burnings and hangings are mentioned but not described. Luther's followers misunderstand him and begin rampaging a town, ultimately killing several people. Luther screams at the devil.

Editor's Note:
Luther was enraged by the way rebel peasants were burning homes, monasteries, etc., in their attempt for greater freedom, and he sent a specific order to the prince of the area saying:

"Therefore let everyone who can, smite, slay, and stab, secretly or openly, remembering that nothing can be more poisonous, hurtful, or devilish than a rebel ... "

It was this that lead to the slaying of many, many peasants and the incident has made Luther a very controversial character.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Sexual Content

None. It does mention that one of Luther's jobs as being a monk involves training himself to not look upon a woman. When Luther goes to Rome, it mentions prostitutes lining the streets. Luther marries near the end of the book.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

None. The "Oh God!" and "Thank God!" are all sincere two-word prayers.


Many people have heard of Martin Luther, but not until this book have people understood what Luther went through to make sure that the truth of God's Word was kept accessible. This is an inspirational, informative story.

Editor's Note: This book is based on historical events but leaves out several controversial concepts such as Luther's anti-Semitism. Please be aware that this book is one of many versions of a multi-faceted, historical figure's life.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 13+

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