Hangman's Curse

by Frank E. Peretti
Series: Veritas Project #1
218 pages, Suspense
Reviewed by The Hermit

This is a book for people who like being scared.


Two high school boys are in critical condition at a hospital for an unknown cause. Students at the school blame it on a ghost they call Abel Frye, based on the facts of a boy who hanged himself in the school over seventy years ago. No one knows how to stop it and the superintendent calls the Springfield family to come and solve it. Twins, Elijah and Elisha Springfield masquerade as students to figure out the mystery. Can they stop the "curse" before it spreads?


The whole Springfield family helps each other out. Elijah starts a debate in the class that ends up making the teacher look foolish instead of explaining why he believes that Biblical laws should be followed. Elisha gets into a debate with a teacher and is more respectful. Nate Springfield believes in finding the truth.

Spiritual Content

Items are found in a crawlspace from a seance and a goth group believes Abel Frye will help them. Elijah shows a student that Satan is controlling him and that he (the student) isn't really ruling over the ghost. The Springfield family prays together.


A gun is pointed at people. Bullies pick on kids and Elijah fights one of them in defense of a student. A boy is lifted off the ground by his shirt which the teacher does nothing about. Students with the curse go insane. Two people die of the curse.

Drug and Alcohol Content

They find a used beer bottle under the school.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content

Bathroom talk is used by some people and one guy is called a stud.


This book has a surprise ending and the second half of the book is hard to put down. If you like fiction about things that are supposedly haunted this book might be one you would want to read.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 3.5
Written for Age: 13+

Review Rating:

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