The Creek War

by Marshal Younger
Series: Kidsboro Adventures #3
128 pages, General Fiction
Reviewed by Luthien

Very enjoyable with a good message.


After the citizens of Kidsboro finally get the resident con-artist out of town, they are all very happy. But when he decides to build his own town, Bettertown, across the creek, tensions begin to build until Free Enterprise Kidsboro and Communist Bettertown start preparing for war.


Good is good and bad is bad. One character is angry with another for helping the competition and at his best friend for joining the competition, but in the end he learns to forgive them.

Spiritual Content

The main characters are Christians and pray and attend church. One character realizes that he has not been acting very Christlike and repents.


A boy falls into a freezing creek and a character has snow dumped down her back; the two towns are preparing for war and one's bootcamp is described, and it mentions that one character is accused of police brutality every week.

Drug and Alcohol Content

The author mentions that the main character and his mother had to run away from his drunken, abusive father.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



I really enjoyed reading this book and there were many places where I was laughing and pointing out quotes to the people around me. It had a good message of forgiveness and showed what could happen when one person decides to force everyone else into submission as well as what could happen when people resist that person.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 5
Written for Age: 8-10

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