Viking Adventure

by Clyde Robert Bulla
117 pages, Historical Fiction
Reviewed by Nienna

Interesting, mostly historical read with some nongraphic violence.


Sigurd's brave Viking father has trained him since toddlerhood to be a strong, bold adventurer. Sigurd's one desire is to fulfill his father's dream and sail to Wineland, that beautiful country discovered by Lief Erikson a hundred years before - not to learn reading and writing from an old bard. But who will take a thirteen year old boy on such a voyage? What dangers lurk in the unknown seas? And what will he learn through it all?


Some of the characters are selfish, grasping liars, but this is shown as very wrong. Gorm, who Sigurd reveres, refuses to listen to the owner of his ship but continues with the original plan (his plan) despite the other's demands.

Spiritual Content

A character claims to have had prophetic dreams, but he is probably lying.


One character is murdered. The majority of the characters (most of whom are bad) die. Those things take place in the background of the story. Someone tries to push Sigurd into the sea to drown him once, but he escapes, though remaining in fear of his life.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Wine is drunk.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content



An interesting story with nice pencil illustrations, this book is loved by all of my younger siblings (5-11). They say it isn't too sad, even though they are usually sensitive to such things. What history is in the story seems to be accurate, and it is an easy, well-written read.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 4
Written for Age: 8-10

Review Rating:

Average rating: 4 stars
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