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Lew Wallace (1827-1905)
Lew Wallace, the famous Union general as well as author of "Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ," was born to parents David and Esther Wallace in Brookville, Indiana. Before the Mexican-American war broke out, he studied law, but then joined the army and served until 1847. In 1852, nine years before Fort Sumter and the commencement of the Civil War, he married Susan Elston; they had a son, Henry, the following year. Wallace was appointed the adjutant general of Indiana at the start of the war, and later became colonel of the state infantry. After the war he continued in his lawyer career, and also served as a governor of the New Mexico Territory; it was during this time, in 1880, that he wrote the novel that changed his life and became an immediate classic, "Ben-Hur." Wallace died in February of 1905; his wife died two years later.

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Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace Great Clean adult
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