the Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey

by Frank E. Peretti
Series: The Cooper Kids #6
160 pages, Suspense
Reviewed by Luthien

Well-written, but not for young children.


After a group of archaeologists is attacked by hostile natives and killed, Dr. Jacob Cooper and his two children are hired to finish discovering the ancient treasure of Kachi-Tochetin which is believed to be guarded by a curse.


Some people care more about money than they do about other people. Bad characters betray each other quite frequently. Good characters pray and trust in God even when it seems like they will die/be driven crazy. The good characters also mention that if they had any assurance that the original archaeologists were still alive they would be helping them instead of treasure-hunting.

Spiritual Content

The good people believe in God and often ask Him to help them. The natives believe that there are ghosts that come out of the tomb.


A couple of self-defense techniques are used, carvies (bat-like slugs) hiss, some people are attacked, some people die, one girl is knocked out, and another faints. A pig dies of "slime syndrome," an explosion occurs, several people come down with the "curse," a ruthless weapons dealer tries to make several humans become incubators of the "curse," and one person becomes so angry that his brain is yelling at him to kill people.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Some slime is very toxic. Some dust is very toxic. No one purposely ingests either substance.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content

One sentence mentions that some of the indigenous people don't seem to think anything about not wearing cloths while they work. But the next sentence mentions that most of them are fully clothed. It mentions that some people curse in a foreign language.


This is a very action-packed story. It may be scary for young children. I personally would rate this for a slightly higher age-range, but it was written for people who are 8-10 years of age. It is well-written and very captivating. It shows that being a Christian is more important than money and that God can get us through circumstances that, to us, may seem absolutely horrid.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 8-10

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