Replication: The Jason Experiment

by Jill Williamson
287 pages, Science Fiction
Reviewed by LLizzieG

Thought-provoking with fantastic characters, but quite a bit of non-explicit sexual content.


Martyr (aka J:3:3) believes his purpose is to expire when he turns eighteen, sacrificing his life to save people exposed to toxic air. Abby Goyer, still mourning her mother's death, is furious at her father for moving them to Alaska. When Martyr escapes from the underground laboratory, desperate for a glimpse of the sky, he and Abby meet. Martyr is horrified to learn that the earth is not filled with toxic gas and he is to die in order to provide Dr. Kane with new kidneys. Can he and Abby work together to end a corrupt scientist's human cloning experiments?


The theme of this book centers around the morality (or lack thereof) of human cloning.

Spiritual Content

Abby is devote to her faith, even if that faith is a bit cookie-cutter. Meeting Martyr gives her a whole new perspective. A simple prayer over a meal leads to a myriad of questions, and ultimately, Martyr's accepting Jesus as his Savior. When in obedience to the command to "love your enemies," Martyr gives one of his kidneys to the man who cloned and tried to kill him, Abby realizes that she has a lot to learn about living what she believes.


Dr. Kane threatens Abby and Martyr with a gun near the end of the book. Physical force and tasers are used against Martyr and some of the other boys. The clones attack the doctors in a bid for freedom.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Pharmaceutical testing is performed on Martyr and other clones.

Sexual Content

This is my main complaint about this book. JD's behavior is entirely inappropriate, and while the book portrays it as such, I would have preferred to see less of it. He constantly leans toward Abby and makes rude and suggestive comments. That said, nothing is explicit. JD forces a kiss on Abby once, and Abby and Martyr kiss twice. A third kiss is implied.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

No language. JD Kane persistently engages in rude and predatory behavior toward Abby.


I first heard about this book several months ago and was a bit repulsed by the synopsis. After hearing more about it and reading several reviews, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. Martyr's character hooked me from page one. Self-sacrificial and unjustly mistreated, he is the essence of a sympathetic character. Gutsy, principled Abby is a believable character too. As I mentioned above, I did not appreciate the sexual subject matter, but was relieved to find nothing explicit. Overall it was a thought-provoking book about a subject I hadn't considered very much.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 13+

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