Erak's Ransom

by John Flanagan
Series: Ranger's Apprentice #7
373 pages, Fantasy
Reviewed by arwen1300

Very good, but some profanity and fairly descriptive violence.


A few weeks before Will is to become a full ranger, he and his friends Halt and Gilan are called away once again. They are accompanied by Princess Cassandra and Horace, the young warrior who is Will's friend, and soon learn that Erak was captured when raiding, and is being held for ransom. They are to negotiate the terms of his release. When the rangers and their companions get there, they find the situation to be more complicated than they believed. Chases across the Arridi desert, making friends and gaining enemies, all lead to a final conclusion.


The Skandians, based off of Scandinavians, have different ideals, and place great value on their pirating, or 'raiding'. Still, you can always tell good from bad, and it is clear who the enemy is.

Spiritual Content

There are several uses of God's name that are not proper, and the Skandians mention their god a few times as an oath. They also mention their belief that if a Skandian does not die with a weapon in his hand, his spirit will wander.


There are some battles and viewing of past battles, but it does not get very gory. It is not disgusting, but it is descriptive without getting gory.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Alcohol in the form of dark ale is mentioned.

Sexual Content


Crude or Profane Language or Content

There is some swearing - mainly taking God's name in vain.


It is a very good book, and I enjoyed the whole series, especially the humor throughout the book. Opinions vary as to its originality, but it is fun, all the same.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 3.5
Written for Age: 11-12

Review Rating:

Average rating: 4 stars
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