New Moon

by Stephenie Meyer
Series: Twilight Saga #2
563 pages, Romance
Reviewed by Queen Lucy of Narnia

A well written story, but boring at some points and with violence, sexual content, and loose morals.


Everything seems quite nice for Bella, and she is happy with Edward. But after she is taken to his house for her birthday and a small accident occurs, something that wasn’t supposed to happen, happens. On that note, Edward makes a decision which will affect Bella and give her a hard choice.

During Edward's absence, Bella gets to know her old friend, Jacob, much better than she did before. She is also trying to get into contact with Edward again, but then finds out that if she does anything dangerous or thrilling, she will start hearing his voice in her head. Jacob is helping her with this without realizing it himself, and at the same time is carrying a secret, which Bella learns.

She is doing everything she can to get Edward back, but is it enough? It is making even more conflict, and at the end, Bella has a harder choice than she ever imagined.


One of the main characters, Edward, wants to do the best as he can for Bella but he does not realize that it’s the wrong thing to do. People would often look at that as selfish and bad behavior, and morally bad. He doesn’t seem to regret this, either.

Bella is often found lying to her friends, and especially her father and Jacob. Also, she is told that she isn’t allowed to do all the dangerous things that she is doing, but she doesn’t care. She does what she pleases, and she doesn’t care if anybody is afraid for her.

There are also several vampires in this book. Some of them are really bad, and it’s told quite clearly. Unfortunately, at the end, there are some important vampires, but you don’t understand if they are bad or not. Some of their actions are great, but others are rather bad. None of the characters are acting from a Christian point of view, especially not since Bella puts her life in danger several times for the sole purpose of hearing Edward's voice.

Spiritual Content

This book is not written from a Christian point of view, and it doesn’t have much religious content. It’s mentioned that vampires have eternal life. That is an important part, at least at the end. It’s also mentioned that each vampire has a special ability. Edward can read others' thoughts, Alice can look into the future, and Jasper can change peoples' moods. None of these things would be looked at as positive from a Christian perspective. The afterlife is barely mentioned, but it is never stated what it actually is.


The beginning isn’t very violent, but a little accident leads up to some violence. As mentioned earlier, Bella does many dangerous things and gets several injuries. At one point, it looks very critical for her. One of the main characters is also fighting against one of the minor characters, and a vampire is killed. Toward the end, it seems like something bad will happen. There is a kind of battle as well, even though much of it is mental and not physical.

Much of this is graphically described, and sometimes it can seem like a bit too much. On the other hand, there is almost no blood mentioned.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Beer is mentioned, but it never tells about any drunkenness. But it is worth mentioning that Edward calls Bella a "drug" to him.

Sexual Content

This is a love story, and there is a lot of sexual content. It’s mentioned that Bella and Edward sleep together, but nothing beyond that. She also wants him to stay with her throughout the night. They aren’t married, but they are in a relationship and talk about getting married at the beginning of the book. There is also a lot of kissing, and the kisses are often quite passionate. This book is mostly about a forbidden love, and it’s described in detail. The reader should be aware of this. It’s worth noticing that Bella keeps her virginity throughout the book since she isn’t married; however, she goes to the limits of what she "can do."

Crude or Profane Language or Content

There are some bad words that Bella uses often. Words like "h***" are used, but not very often.


The writing style of this book is quite good, but some parts become slow because there are so many descriptions; the plot itself can be quite interesting, but at other times quite boring. There were also problems with the morality, which made me shudder, and that made it difficult to enjoy the story alone. The vampires' abilities can be disturbing and are made worse by the fact that it isn’t written from a Christian perspective at all. Some of the violent parts are a bit too much as well, and Bella’s feelings and emotions can be overly described. Even though the style is quite good, it is hard to enjoy it through all the negative content. It’s not a book I would recommend to others, and at least not to younger readers.

Fun Score: 3
Values Score: 1
Written for Age: 13+

Review Rating:

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