Horse: A Portrait

by Christiane Slawik
192 pages, Contemporary
Reviewed by Jenny

A colorful, informative collection of equine photography.


A whole new world explodes at the end of this woman’s camera lens. From Iceland to the deserts of North Africa, from monstrously docile draughts to tiny, plucky-spirited miniatures, the charismatic natures of horses are caught in photography for all to experience.


The author-photographer promotes kindness toward the subjects of her pictures, and also frequently expresses heartfelt gratitude toward those people who made her pictures possible.

Spiritual Content

Allah is mentioned once, and Mother Nature is personified. The author also frequently expounds upon the magical beauty of nature and the interaction of her subjects with their environment.



Drug and Alcohol Content

Sherry is mentioned, and draught horses sometimes pull beer-drays.

Sexual Content

None. The births of foals are mentioned a few times, though not in detail, and there are brief mentions of studs and mares, no more.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

The author uses the phrase "a hell of a good time" once.


For anyone looking into equine photography, or anyone looking for an informative book on the expressive nature of horses of all breeds, "Horse: A Portrait" is a must. Page after page unfolds seemingly impossible images, each colorful, provocative, charismatic, and magical. The author recounts her travels through Europe as she wields her camera, snapping her way through the lives of countless four-legged beauties, and in the process takes snapshots of the world through which the horses move. The world of the horse has not been completely superseded by advancing technology, and Christiane Slawik brings that world to life.

Fun Score: 5
Values Score: 4.5
Written for Age: 13+

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