by Stephenie Meyer
Series: Twilight Saga #3
629 pages, Romance
Reviewed by GollumGirl

A terrific book that I found hard to put down, but with a lot of kissing and some violence.


A continuation of the story line of New Moon, Eclipse centers around Bella Swan's relationship with the vampire Edward Cullen. In this book, Bella realizes she must choose between Edward and the werewolf Jacob Black. While this internal struggle takes place, a vampire army is organizing in Seattle, and their target is Bella.


Bella lies to her father. An evil vampiress lies about her love for someone, so they will work for her. Edward has the power to read people's thoughts, including ones they would rather keep private. Embry the werewolf's father is unknown, but the suspects are all married, which means whoever it was cheated on his wife. Some characters trick each other or keep secrets from each other.

Spiritual Content

The characters seem to believe in Heaven and Hell because Edward talks about which one he believes vampires end up in. A number of characters have supernatural abilities, including the ability to tell the future. The concept of vampires and werewolves bring up some other spiritual issues.


Edward's brother Jasper describes his time serving in war; Bella reads an article in the newspaper about killings in Seattle. Towards the end there is a fierce battle and the author describes the sound of a vampire being ripped apart (the only way one may be killed).

Drug and Alcohol Content

None, besides Jacob describing Edward as Bella's personal drug.

Sexual Content

Bella kisses Edward and Jacob passionately a lot and with some detail. She spends a night alone in a tent with them and she is so cold that she has to share a sleeping bag with Jacob to keep warm. Bella spends nearly every night with Edward's arms around her. There is definitely some questionable content in this area.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

The word h*** is used. Jacob cusses but the actual words said are not mentioned.


This is a very enjoyable book, very well written, but - as with the rest of the series - it has its issues. "Eclipse" has a lot of detailed kissing and other sexual content, which may bother some readers. There is also the violence, and I found some plot threads drawn on to the point where I caught myself thinking, "Yeah, we get it, let's move on already!" For discerning readers, this is a gripping story, and very well written, but it should be read with caution.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 3
Written for Age: 13+

Review Rating:

Average rating: 5 stars
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