Laura Bush

by Ronald Kessler
244 pages, Biography/History
Reviewed by Nienna

Decent book, but has a little sexual content and some moral problems.


The story of Laura Bush from the time she was born to her time as first lady, this book gives an overview of her life and tells us what made her popular and what did not, largely through quotes and anecdotes from her family and friends. Written from the perspective of someone who thought well of her, the book sheds a positive light on her life.


Mostly good. Mrs. Bush does believe in abortion (though she supports her husband's stand anyway) and her daughters are not the best role models (they used fake driver's licenses to buy alcohol), but mostly the morality is Christian. Values like respect for parents and love for all people are highly valued.

Spiritual Content

Laura Bush professes to be a Christian and her beliefs come out in the telling of her life.


Laura Bush accidentally ran a stop sign and crashed into the car of a friend, who dies as a result of the accident.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Wine and other alcohol is consumed, but not in excess usually. It does refer to times when people did get tipsy, but Laura Bush is against it and her husband does come to follow her wishes.

Sexual Content

Laura had boyfriends all through high school, college, and afterward, and then of course she meets, dates, and marries Mr. Bush. Kissing is frequently mentioned when the book discusses Laura's classmates and high school culture, and it is called various things. Laura jokes at one point about being a desperate housewife.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

The book talks about a man who had surgery and such to pretend to be a woman and the book refers to him afterward as a "she".


Interesting look into the life of a popular wife of an unpopular president. The book didn't really hit me as particularly well written, but the writing certainly was not poor. Barbara Bush claims that this book does capture the spirit of her daughter-in-law.

Fun Score: 4
Values Score: 3
Written for Age: adult

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