Going Rogue

by Sarah Palin
413 pages, Biography/History
Reviewed by Nienna

Inspiring read, but some mildly troublesome language.


This is the story of Sarah Palin's life from birth until the time of writing in 2009, as seen through her eyes. Though half the book is focused on the 2008 Presidential campaign, Mrs. Palin's love for Alaska and her family comes through beautifully; and although she writes a lot of political statements, the book does not read like a political commentary.


High. When Mrs. Palin was a teenager, she and her siblings would sometimes watch television on the sly. She has a well balanced view of not compromising on what is right, but loving people no matter what.

Spiritual Content

Mrs. Palin and her family profess to be Christians, so there are frequent mentions of God and the Bible.


Mrs. Palin miscarried her second child. The family received death threats. Track's shoulder frequently popped out of socket. Mr. Palin broke his arm while in the Iron Dog race.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Mr. Palin chewed tobacco when they started their relationship. She tried it at one point as well. They drink beer and wine, but not excessively.

Sexual Content

Govenor Palin's older daughters were threatened with assault. Some of the questions reporters asked Mrs. Palin were related to such assaults. Bristol (her oldest daughter) became pregnant outside of wedlock (which is acknowledged as sin). These things are mentioned without details. Mrs. Palin talks about the pain of giving birth for the first time.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

Replacement words for God's name are taken in vain several times. The words d***n, d**n, h**l, h**k, and the like are used multiple times. She mentions her dad taking the eyeballs out of a moose he'd just shot. The word "butt" is used several times. Other words are written with asterisks.


I enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot about politics in general, and the 2008 elections in particular. It was very nice to hear Palin's story from her point of view and her opinions without any restraints. I found the book well-written and her candor refreshing and enlightening. I really appreciated how she ended the book on an encouraging, rather than a disappointed or discouraging, note.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 3.5
Written for Age: adult

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