The Rising

by Jerry B. Jenkins
Series: Before They Were Left Behind #1
400 pages, Suspense
Reviewed by Jungle

Powerful story, but contains mature content.


Note: This book was co-written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

Marilena Carpathia desires a son. She is told Lucifer will grant her her wish if she becomes a disciple for him. God and the devil are battling for her soul.

Through genetic engineering and the Prince of Darkness himself, she gives birth to the Chosen One - who will be known as the Antichrist.
On the other side of the world, God is subtly working in Rayford Steel's life.


Teaches making the right decisions and the consequences of not doing the right thing or listening to God. Also, followers of Lucifer are deceivers, and will kill anyone who gets in the way of the Chosen One.

Spiritual Content

Includes clairvoyant meetings. There is a lot of spiritualism in the book. Both God and Satan directly contact Marilena. Ray, Irene, and Kitty are also non-followers, despite the fact Irene and Rayford grew up in Christian homes.


Mild graphic scene in which one character poisons the other and another character shoots the other. Also, some details concerning the procedures by which Marilena has her child.

Drug and Alcohol Content

Poisoning. Ray and Kitty drink now and then, even though they are under age.

Sexual Content

Background homosexuality. Hinted two characters have sex outside of marriage, and that their relationship is only physical.

Crude or Profane Language or Content

Nicolae (Chosen One) gets in a physical fight with Marilena.


A suspenseful page turner with many surprises, and an epic clash with good and evil. It is, however, for mature readers only - there is both sexual content and violence, and the spiritual content is taken from prophetic books of the Bible which are understood by Christians in many different ways.

Note from the Editor:

This work of fiction should not be taken as the "Gospel truth" of what will occur in the end times, and thus readers who are young in their faith may be caused to stumble by this book. I would use discretion in recommending this, both for this reason and because of the homosexuality, drinking, etc., outlined above.

Fun Score: 4.5
Values Score: 3.5
Written for Age: adult

Review Rating:

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